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USDA Organic & Kosher Certified Thickeners for infants, children and adults with dysphagia.

Natural Thickener for Hot & Cold Liquids. Each Purathick Sample Pack includes 5 individual serving 2.4g sticks. Each stick (2.4g) thickens 5-6 fl oz to mildly thick (nectar) or 3-4 fl oz to moderately thick (honey).

Gelmix Infant Thickener for Breast Milk Formula is the #1 thickener for infants with spit-up and swallowing difficulties. Each sample includes 5 single serving packets (2.4g). A serving (1 stick) thickens 4-6 fl oz to slightly thick (thin nectar) or 3-4 fl oz to mildly thick (nectar). Certified USDA Organic and Kosher.