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Gelmix Infant Thickener, USDA Organic Thickener for Breast Milk & Formula. Each Gelmix 125g jar includes 52 servings and a 1/2 serving 1.2g scoop. UPC: 855764007020

Not for use with infants under 6 pounds or born preterm currently under a corrected age of 2 weeks (42 weeks PMA).

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Gelmix Infant Thickener is the first USDA organic thickener specifically formulated for pediatric use in America. Gelmix thickens breast milk and infant formula, facilitating the retention of nutrients in breast milk and formula that requires thickening. Thickening liquids is often recommended for the management of conditions present with gastroesophageal reflux (GER) and dysphagia. Always consult a medical professional before thickening liquids to ensure it is appropriate for your infant’s individual needs.

Gelmix is not for use with infants under 6 pounds and/or born preterm currently under a corrected age of 2 weeks (42 weeks post menstrual age). Do not use if galactosemia or allergy to galactomannans is suspected. Stop using if rash or other allergic reaction develops, and consult a physician immediately. There are very few cases of allergies to galactomannans in academic literature.

Each 125g jar includes a 1/2 serving 1.2g scoop. A serving size is 2 scoops, and thickens 5-6 fl oz to slightly thick (thin nectar) or 3-4 fl oz to mildly thick (nectar). It is not typically recommended to use moderately thick (honey) liquids with infants and children less than 1 year old.

Gelmix is made of 3 simple ingredients: Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, Organic Carob Bean Gum, and Calcium Carbonate. Consisting of an off-white fine powder, Gelmix is tasteless, odorless and smooth when dissolved in warm milk. Gelmix is hypoallergenic, free of corn, wheat, gluten, soy, whey, casein, lactose & dairy. It is also non-GMO, vegan & made with kosher pareve ingredients.

Gelmix may cause transient gassiness and loose stools in first two weeks. This typically resolves on its own or by decreasing amount used.

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