Gelmix Mixing Instructions for Similac Advance Powder

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Mixing Instructions for Similac Advance Powder

Always wash hands and sanitize bottle before preparation.

Warm prepared infant formula to at least 100°F/38°C.

Follow recipe below, and sprinkle Gelmix into the warm formula.

Cap and shake well 30 seconds, until completely dissolved.

Let thicken for listed wait time. Mix again before feeding.
Recipe for Similac Advance Powder

For best results, use a gram scale to measure. One serving is 2.4g (2 scoops or 1 stick pack). Each jar includes a 1/2 serving scoop (1.2g).

Moderately thick (aka honey) consistency can be difficult for some infants to pass through a nipple. Check with your healthcare provider that you are using the best size and flow for your infant's individual needs.

Tests performed by Parapharma Tech. Time and temperature can create variations in thickness. Always IDDSI flow test your recipe the first few times to be sure you're achieving the correct results.