Nature's Healthier Thickening Option

For Breast Milk & Formula.

Nature's Healthier Thickening Option

For Adults & Children Over 1

Finding Healthier

Parapharma Tech started as a mission to provide a healthier alternative thickening option to cereals for infants with reflux. In 2010, we developed Gelmix thickener for breast milk and formula. In 2018, we expanded our line to include Purathick, for hot and cold beverages, for adults and children over 1.

Ingredients matter, and our mission continues on as we strive to develop new healthful organic products and supplements for pediatrics and adults.

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For Breast Milk & Formula

Gelmix, a hypoallergenic, USDA organic thickener for breast milk and infant formula, is the first USDA organic thickener specifically formulated for pediatric use in America.

Safe For Infants
Tasteless. Odorless. Smooth.
Maintains Nutritional Balance of Diet
USDA Organic. GMO Free. Arsenic Free.
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Looking For Gelmix Infant Thickener & Purathick?

For Adults & Children Over 1

Purathick is a USDA Organic thickener formulated to facilitate the modification of the liquid diet for hot and cold liquids.

Better for individuals with food allergies.
Doesn’t Thicken Excessively Over Time.
Easy to Use for Hot & Cold Beverages.
Tasteless. Odorless. Smooth.
USDA Organic. GMO Free.
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