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Implementing IDDSI on Gelmix + Purathick Labels

What is IDDSI? IDDSI is short for International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative, a collaborative, international effort to standardize the way we talk about modified food and drink textures. For decades, descriptors of modified diet textures varied drastically between regions, and sometimes from facility to facility in the same area. Without easily measurable industry standards, miscommunication […]

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Recent Literature: Gelmix Safety, Efficacy & Use

This post is intended as a literature guide for healthcare professionals. Please always consult your healthcare professional before thickening liquids to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your child’s individual needs.  Safety of Gelmix Ingredients Gelmix is contraindicated for low birth weight and premature infants until they weigh a minimum weight of six pounds […]

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