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Thickening Feeds is Recommended for Infants with Reflux

According to current NASPGHAN-ESPGHAN Pediatric Gastroesophageal Reflux Clinical Practice Guidelines, thickening infant feeds is suggested as a first-line approach for infants with recurrent regurgitation or spit-ups (GER or GERD). Thicken Breast Milk with a Carob Bean Gum Thickener Continuing breast feeding is encouraged for infants with reflux. Pumped breast milk can be thickened with a […]

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Is it Safe to Warm Human Milk? How Warm Does it Need to Be Before Mixing in Gelmix?

Properly stored human milk maintains many of its unique qualities and continues to be a preferred alternative when freshly expressed milk is not an option. Warming stored breast milk to body temperature is accepted and even encouraged for some neonatal digestive systems, however most experts agree that to preserve the unique bioactive attributes of human […]

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Purathick Products Change

October 1, 2022 Dear Valued Customer:  Our mission at Parapharma Tech is to provide high quality products for adults and children requiring a modified textured diet. We are committed to making the best thickener options, made with organic and natural ingredients, to support your nutrition goals.   We communicated with you earlier this year that […]

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